About me

Meet the distiller

Hello ! I’m Romaric Pascal, 27, French and passionate about the web. And I’m lucky enough to have turned my passion into my work : designing usable and beautiful websites built upon opensource software. Oh ! And did I mention I do logo design too ?

I’ve been working in the web industry for 3 years now, after studying development at school for 5 years (for a broader history, my complete résumé is on Linked Inon the most recent version of this site). But the thing is, making a web site work is not enough, it has to be easy to use and attractive. That’s why I learnt design to complement my developer knowledge.

I value the user’s experience a lot and focus on making it easy for him to reach his goal : buying a product, completing a task or just finding information. Computer and websites are built to help, after all.

I also embrace the opensource movement. Sharing source code is a wonderful way to learn from other and help other learn. And it’s a great way to save time (and costs) : not reinventing a wheel someone has already invented is priceless.

What I can do

Logo design

Design a logo for your company, to convey your values and make you stand apart from your competitors.

Web design

Design your website or web application, tailored to your needs and the needs of your users.


Develop your website or web application, releasing features as early as they’re ready and involving you all along the process.

Have a project and want to hire me ? Drop me a mail